In 1973, I listened to a talk by Buckminster Fuller. He came to our college to give a speech because as a futurist, author, designer, and inventor (created the geodesic dome) he was a leader in changing times. He changed how humans look at and participate in the world. As part of the team that brought him to our college to speak, I was able to have a one-on-one with him. In our conversation I asked him about the term “Spaceship Earth,” he coined and popularized. He said he came up with this term because we are all gathered together on this blue spinning ball hurtling at about 67,000 miles per hour around our sun, while our Milky Way Galaxy is moving through space at an astonishing rate of 1.3 million miles per hour. We are on a spaceship moving through space in time.

His framework helped me to see how fragile, tentative, and surprising our existence is as we all blast through space together. In this light, I know that I have a responsibility to show up to you, my fellow passengers, as well as myself while we are on this journey together. One way to do this is to transparently share myself.

Therefore, this site shares things that I’m passionate about; meditation, films, and the books I’m writing - welcome…


There are two sections on this website on meditation. One part explains what mediation is along with the benefits, goals, and qualities of meditation. The second section provides information about how to meditate including practical considerations.

My first meditation experience was in 1967, which means I’ve been sitting for over 50 years. Some years, my frequency of sitting has been sparse. However, in the last 30 years, my practice has been almost daily. If you are interested in meditation as a way to learn more about how to be present, reduce stress, and gain insight into yourself and the world around you, then feel free to download the instructions in the “How to Meditate” section.

Film Blog:

I have kept up my film/movie blog for over ten years because, well, I love films and enjoy reviewing them in my quirky way. Films give me a glimpse into how others see and interpret the world. Often, they transport me to other times and places, which can be very entertaining. Blogging about this fantastic art form allows me to write about a subject I care about and to share my thoughts about the films I see.


My book Falling into Freedom, tells the story of how I turned my back on the life I’d been leading and set out to find personal freedom. I had been caught up and shackled in the ebb and flow of my emotions, feelings, and thoughts while finding pleasure in the acquisition of things. My quest began on the edge of a cliff and launched me on a series of adventures, ending with an intense and sublime awakening in a monastery in England.

This book is the first of three. The second, Long Walk Home, will be about some of the many valuable lessons I learned after discovering the five principles of freedom I describe in Falling into Freedom. It reveals how, in the past, I failed at intimate relationships and in these failures how my actions became unconscious. Discovering the root causes of this behavior, I was able to learn more about how to own my actions and make amends to those I hurt.

The third book is yet untitled. It will be about finding, as Buddha terms it, “right livelihood,’ and finding joy and fulfillment in the work I do.