Book List

I’ve read a fair number of different types of books. Although novels are fun, interesting, and have transported me to new adventurous places, it’s non-fiction books that create more direct prompts for me to think about my station in this space time continuum. Among those types of books, my library consists of esoteric, spiritual, religious, ecological, philosophical, and scientific books.

I’ve grown immensely from many of the books I’ve read. Some of them have prompted me to question my thoughts and perceptions of the world in which I (we) live. Still others induce me to probe into and question preconceived ideas, beliefs, and platforms I’ve subscribe to and from which I operate. In the belief that books help us all, because someone took the time to write down their thoughts and beliefs, I am offering a link below to a PDF listing of books I’ve found interesting in their way. Feel free to download the list.