Reasons for my film blog

I Love Film. It ranks just above, ballet and abstract art as the vehicle for me to engage with, imagine and sense artistic creativity. In a film, I want to be transported into some new realm, thought stream, or create a question that jogs my everyday perception or intellect OR reminds me of my daily life in some new way.

Film is a fantastic and creative medium to express feelings, thoughts, facts, fantasy, and life. To merely state what I like about film is this; It can take me away, transport me to somewhere else like no other medium.

My first experience of this was at age 7 (1957), and I saw my first big-screen film: "The Incredible Shrinking Man." I'll never forget how it transported me into a new realm of fear and fantasy. The images were so powerful that I could easily recall them today. I cringed to the very marrow of my bones and soul thinking about the pictures. The director, Jack Arnold, created a sense that this man was shrinking and what he encountered as he shrunk was my worst nightmare - the spider hovering over me with its mandibles moving closer to eat me.

The amazing thing is that in July of 2015, I got to see this film again on TCM (Turner Classic Movies). It was as fantastic now as it was then. It held up very well.

I like all kinds of films from documentaries, to small independents, to big-budget Hollywood stuff. I won't review and post all the movies I see, just the ones I want to say, or have the time to write something about. My reviews won't be anything other than a summary of the story, what struck me about the film, what I liked or didn't like, and my review of the performances, story, and direction.

Thank you for reading my blog and may you

Be Well...