Casa de mi Padre

First Hit:  This film was entertaining mostly because it was an obvious spoof with good acting.

Watching Will Ferrell (playing Armando) speak fluent Spanish and use his impish grin and questionable logic to tell this story was fun.

As you all note, I’m not a big Ferrell fan, but here he is good at keeping the film moving along. His character lives at home with his father Miguel Ernesto (played by Pedro Armendariz Jr.).

The juxtaposition between all the Mexican/Latin cast with the main character (Armando) being a Caucasian was hilarious. Armando’s brother, Raul (played by Diego Luna), comes home with his soon to be wife Sonia (played by Genesis Rodriguez) as a drug dealer who exclaims he really isn’t hurting anyone because it is the stupid Americans who require the drugs he sells.

There are moments where Raul mimics Pacino from Scarface which brought me to laughter.

The use of really bad animatronics was perfect.

The fake background scenes repeated over and over as they ride in the truck or the fake horse riding was perfect for this farce filled film.

Ferrell was good in this role and actually had me laughing multiple times. Efren Ramirez and Adrian Martinez as Esteban and Manuel respectively are perfect in their roles. Gael Garcia Bernal as “The Onza” held my attention whenever he was on the screen. Rodriguez was beautiful and engaging as Sonia the love interest. Andrew Steele wrote this funny script. Matt Piedmont directed this in mindful spoofy way.

Overall:  I was surprised that I liked what Will Ferrell did in this film and the tongue-in-cheek approach made it fun.