Death at a Funeral

First Hit: Funny and worth watching from the opening credits.

The cute graphics at the opening of the film set a wonderful tone to this comedy.

When the graphic stops and the sound of a hearse coming to a stop on the gravel drive, the film easily opens and quickly finds its pace.

I loved how this film works and even though much of the comic moments are telegraphed, it works because of excellent acting, direction and overall execution of these elements. In hindsight, the downside of this film is that the previews gave too many of the setups away.

Maybe the producers thought, with a title like “Death at a Funeral”, they need to create comical interest to get people into the theaters. However, having seen the previews, often times I knew where the bit was going and what the punch line was going to be.

Despite this, the film has more to offer, there are some very nice surprises, and some full on laughs.

Overall: An enjoyable, well executed film.