Dark Horse

First Hit:  This is a very sweet film about a group of Welsh people from a small town having a once in a lifetime adventure.

There is a small Welsh mining town that has lost their major employer, the mining operations. Most of the people are poor and have little education. However, they’ve got desire, grit, and determination.

One such person Jan Vokes who works as a cleaner of a supermarket and wants more in her life. She comes up with an idea to own and train a horse, a thoroughbred. She finds a mare that has been put to pasture and convinces 30 other town members to be part of a syndicate to own a horse for a small monthly fee.

From this fee they buy the mare, find a stud, and after the birth of the colt house the horse at a training stable. At first no one thinks this young horse will amount to anything (it’s all legs), but over time the horse begins to show some progress.

They enter the horse in a few races and before they know it, it actually starts placing and winning a few of them. On the lead up to the second most important race in England the horse gets hurt. What will the consortium do? You’ll have to see the film.

Jan Vokes, Brian Vokes, Howard Davies, and Angela Davies are just four of the consortium and they bring out so much about the personality of the whole group and how one horse brought them together. Louise Osmond both wrote and directed this film and in its sweetness it is just a really enjoyable experience.

Overall:  This was such a wonderful experience to see real people engage with such love of purpose.