Beasts of the Southern Wild

First Hit:  Strangely powerful and well-acted.

I was fascinated by the strength and embodiment of the character Hushpuppy as played by Quvenzhane Wallis. This alone is reason to see this film.

The self-absorbed characters of her dad Wink (played Dwight Henry), Jean Battiste (played by Levy Easterly), Walrus (played by Lowell Landes) and Little Jo (played by Pamela Harper) was both sad and reflective of people who check out of general society.

This film is about Armageddon and/or the breakdown of society and/or survival. Hushpuppy is more or less growing up alone. She attends a school of sorts but the teaching is a mix of truth and illusionary stories. Her dad, Wink, calls out from his separate shack “feeding time” and Hushpuppy gets her food.

Hushpuppy is spiritually connected to the universe and hears the heartbeat of the planet through everything she sees or touches. She is in-touch with the all.

Wallis gives the performance of the year – she was phenomenal. Henry is also powerfully strong as the slightly touched and alcoholic father. Lucy Alibar and Benh Zeitlin wrote a powerful and almost overly convoluted script. Benh Zeitlin did a great job of getting incredibly powerful acting performances from non-professional actors.

Overall:  A moving and powerful film that will stay with you days after you see it.