First Hit: I liked the subtle tension this film creates as it moves along but, in the end, it wasn’t really satisfying.

Don Cheadle plays Samir Horn a Muslim terrorist who was previously a US Army Special Forces hero. He was traumatized as a boy of 6 when his father, a religious teacher, was blown up in a jeep right in front of his eyes.

The film subtly lays out its hand by giving you a slight hint that Horn is still associated with the government, however watching his actions, one could believe he has become a traitor. Guy Pearce plays FBI agent Roy Clayton who is after Horn because Horn is supplying the terrorists with explosives for suicide bombings.

For Horn to prove his commitment to the Muslim terrorist organization he stages a bombing of a section of a US Embassy by remote control and people are killed although we learn it this wasn’t the plan.

Additionally, Horn is a devout Muslim and during the film he prays often and he expresses the peaceful nature of Islam. It is Horn’s faith that gives you the notion he doesn’t believe in killing. Additional religious ties in the film are provided by Roy whose father and grandfather was a preacher.

This wasn’t a great film but I liked it because it attempts to put Koran in a context that supports a positive belief of Allah. I liked the deep-well intensity that Cheadle brings to Samir and the direct humanness Pearce brings to Roy.

Overall: This was an interesting film about terrorism but somehow the tension it creates isn’t strong enough and the ending isn’t very satisfactory.