First Hit: Although at times a bit too cutesy, overall it was fun, engaging, and joyful.

This is Disneynature showing why they are the best in how to make a compelling story out of watching the behavior of sentient beings in their natural environment.

In this film, they use “Steve” an Adelie penguin to be our guide to the life cycle of Adelie penguins. If you believe the promos, and I’ve no reason to not believe them, Steve was seen wandering through a group of Emperor penguins finding his way to a rocky spot to make a nest.

Watching this penguin find his way through the Emperors gave the filmmakers a way to tell the story of this sometimes-wayward penguin. They gave him the name Steve and created an account about him, that worked.

The real story is about how the life-cycle of Adelie penguins is filled with struggle and joy. We see how they meet their partners, how they protect the eggs, feed the chicks, teach them some survival fundamentals and then let them go.

There are some out loud funny moments, and my favorite is when Steve while building his rock nest, has to confront a neighbor who is a theft stealing his nest rocks. Watching the thieving Adelie look slyly at Steve’s nest, then swoop in to take a stone the moment Steve turns his back is really funny.

Watch as a Leopard seal make an attempt to kill one of Steve’s chicks; fantastic photography, and even more powerful, the outcome.

I thought the camera work was beyond outstanding and the camera operators need to be acknowledged for doing unique work. The only downside to me was the choice in music was overtly schmaltz, and some of Steve’s dialogue was a bit much. Other than that, this was joyful and educational.

Alistair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson did a great job of directing this documentary film.

Overall: This film was fun and exciting.