First Hit:  I think all US Citizens need to see this film and I’m wondering why congress and the President have done nothing to stop this.

Our government is spying on each and every one of us. Do they look at my online behavior or are they listening to my phone calls? Probably not, but they can if they want to.

I love the beginning when one of the speakers states, “if you have a metro card (NYC) and it is replenished by a link to your bank account, they (our government) knows your personal information and behavior patterns.” If it is something they think suspicious (using algorithms), you will be tracked and monitored.

Yes there was an upheaval when Edward Snowden leaked NSA collected data and with good reason, our government is lying to us under the guise of “protecting us from terrorists”. Our government is behaving badly and we’re letting them. Why?

Edward Snowden is compelling as to the reasons why he released the data and his commitment to sharing the truth about our government’s spying on us all. Glenn Greenwald the Guardian (UK) reporter who set the stories free in the press is a real brave patriot to his work and country. William Binney, a former NSA government employee who foresaw our spying errors is a hero. Our entire US Government is lying to us and you. Laura Poitras directed this elegant portrayal of how our government is not only breaking its own laws but have abused our trust.

Overall:  Although I’m not shocked, I supremely saddened by our untrustworthy government and especially the people who continue to perpetuate this illegal spying. I’ve met the enemy and it is us because we let our leaders get away with this.