First Hit: Nice story, interestingly weaved and some great characters. Pretty good film but not great.

It took me a few minutes to warm up to the story and as I began to slip into it I knew it would be told well. And it was.

Claire Danes, a favorite of mine was a great as a "star". Effects of being a star were well done showing her glow from time to time. Michelle Pfeiffer has a great role and there is one moment when she gives a certain look that gives her the credibility to be the queen witch that she is in this film.

Peter O’Toole’s sons vying to be king was a little funny at times but it wasn’t the better part of this story. The person who almost stole the film is Robert De Niro as a gay pirate ship captain. He is superb in this role.

The visual effects are good and do not take away from the story and always seem to add to it. As over the top as this story can be, I never felt the film went over the edge. It kept being believable enough to keep me interested in how it would end.

Overall: It was interesting, funny, suspenseful and a good time.