Silver Linings Playbook

First Hit: A well-acted film about how people can find peace in their lives by looking from within. 

Pat (played by Bradley Cooper) leaves a mental hospital where he found himself after an outburst of anger where he nearly kills his wife’s lover. Justified?

No and this is what the film is about. It is about finding other ways to recognize and re-channel feelings that can lead to strong physical and emotional outbursts. He still loves his wife Nikki (played by Brea Bee) and believes she will come back to him if he loses weight and becomes a nicer and more rounded individual.

His father Pat Sr. (played by Robert De Niro) is not the best example for him to follow. His entire life is wrapped up in the Philadelphia Eagles and his passion is so high that he is permanently banished from coming to the stadium games because of fighting.

While at his friend Ronnie’s (played by John Ortiz) house he meets Tiffany (played by Jennifer Lawrence) who also has a history of acting out. Her acting out is through sex with anyone after her husband dies.

This story is about how these two find the silver linings in their own lives through their relationship.

Cooper is strong and good as a guy who is focused on getting his wife back if only he can act right but finds his buttons being pushed from every vantage point. De Niro is good as the father seeing how his own behaviors contribute to his son’s struggles to find himself. Lawrence is amazing (Oscar worthy) in this role. Her eyes showing both strength and vulnerability in this role show why she’s one of the very best young actresses to make the scene. Ortiz is wonderful and perfect as Cooper’s true friend. David O. Russell wrote and directed with very wonderful script. I loved how he was able to have 3 – 4 people yelling all at once, yet have each point be clearly made.

Overall: This was a very fine film and deserves to be seen.