Identity Theft

First Hit:  A general waste of time, not funny and does little to bring to light the prevalent issue of identity theft.

This film has an identity problem. It tries to be funny, point out the issue of identity theft, and tries to be heartwarming or meaningful. It is none of these.

Watching Diana (Melissa McCarthy) is like watching a train wreck, you know it’s going to happen, you know it will be catastrophic, and the only thing left is a mess. I’ve yet to see McCarthy be in anything interesting, intelligent or of value. She appears to specialize in uncultivated actions of an overweight person trying to fit in, be funny or the center of attention. Sandy Peterson (Jason Bateman) does his best to hold the film together but this is a match made hell.

The presentation of the subject and story is rarely interesting and mostly just grossly reaching for laughs.

McCarthy is horrible in this character and it there was nothing about her character that would make the audience be interested in her. The attempts to have Sandy’s kids like her were grossly obvious ploys to have us care about the character – too little too late. Bateman tried his best and did the best he could with the script, direction, and McCarthy. The moments he spends and communicates with his kids and wife Trish (Amanda Peet) are good and are the only things good in this film. Peet, in a minor role, was OK. Craig Mazin wrote a poorly conceived script. Seth Gordon tried to make the story interesting but the script, McCarthy, and idea were guaranteed to make this film fail.

Overall:  Not worth more than 5 minutes of anyone’s time.