Dan In Real Life

First Hit: This is a subtle and good comedy because the comedy does not come at you with an overt aim of making you laugh, it comes as a real story of letting go of the past and taking a chance on now.

The other films I’ve seen with Steve Carell as the main character, have not impressed me.

Not having a television excludes me from the group of people who like Steve’s work as much of it is on the small screen.

In this film we are introduced to a man who is raising his three daughters on his own and makes a living by writing an online advice column. He seems to fret about doing the “right thing” for each of his daughters and you have this sense he is always walking a very fine line between responsibility, sadness, and loneliness.

In this role he is excellent as you watch the interplay between him and his daughters. Each of his daughters’ plays a particular aspect of the struggles of growing up are good at making this known through their requests and their response to his answers.

Most of the story takes place at the family home during a holiday celebration. He has a large family and everyone seems to know most of the quirks of the others which assists in bringing out the story.

The story centers around a chance meeting Steve has with Juliette Binoche where he quite suddenly finds himself fully engaged in conversation and willing to poor out his life interspersed with inane comments.

During the conversation she receives a call and must leave their chance meeting. He heads back to his parents home with a light heart. However, he soon finds out this new woman in his life is also the new girlfriend of his brother.

Overall: This is a really good film and has lots of choice family moments that are naturally funny and poignant. It also gives people who normally see only Hollywood fare to see a great actress, Binoche, who normally does foreign and independent films.