Pina - 3D

First Hit:  Extraordinary film about an amazing dance company and their founder Pina Bausch.

This version of 3D by Dolby systems uses slightly red and green lenses which I didn’t like as much as the “Real 3D” glasses.

However, once I got use to the glasses I easily fell into an amazing film about this dancer and her choreography. Although it appears that the focus of her dance is with arm movement and torso gyrations how they get there is through their legs and they are good.

This group of dancers is truly unique in their admiration of Pina and what she guides them to do. They are all sizes and ages and give who they are in honor of the dance. There is one sequence where they dance on a stage loaded with chairs, amazing how this dance has so many different segments and pieces.

Then there is the “Full Moon” dance which was a large rock on a dark stage, amazing movement by men and women, and water. Then there was the dancer who had dirt thrown on herself. And there was this dancer on point in an industrial yard - great. But it all starts with dancers on a stage of dirt, a red dress, and a ton of emoting.

I can’t list every dancer in the film and needless to say there wasn’t one weak link - everyone was amazing. Win Wenders, who is Pina’s friend, wrote and directed this wonderful film.

Overall: This was an amazing film and every dancer would enjoy seeing this film.