Despicable Me - 3D

First Hit: A surprisingly good film with a thoughtful story.

3D films are here to stay. Although this one used the “in your face” dramatization of 3-D more than some of the others of recent time, it wasn’t over kill.

I was reluctant to see this film because of the previews; meaning why would I want to see an animation film about someone of despicable character? However I did see this film and felt the whole story was told in a wonderful, funny, and kind hearted way.

The basic story is this: Gru, (Who came up with that name?) wants to "out steal" his archrival Vector who has recently stolen the Pyramids of Giza. Gru’s plot is to steal Vector’s shrinking machine, then shrink and steal the moon. But to get into Vector’s house he befriends three orphans selling cookies to help him out. The orphans grow on him and teach him about love.

Not much of a plot, but the way it is pieced together with caring dialogue, funny lines and scenes, and great animation made this film work really well.

Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud did a great job of directing this and also selecting the actors for the character’s voices. Ken Daurio did an excellent screen play of Sergio Pablos’ story.

Overall: A wonderfully executed film with an endearing story which had the child in me and the children in the theater totally involved.