Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed

First Hit:  One of the sweetest films I’ve seen in a long time.

This is the story about three Spanish people who come together to learn more about themselves and to take charge of their lives. Yes this sounds overly philosophical, yet the simple elegant story by which this story unfolds is so gracefully sweet.

Based in the late 1960’s the world is changing. The Beatles have taken the world by storm but are at the brink of breaking up. “Free Love” means that sexual mores are clashing against more old fashion beliefs while personal liberty is becoming more important to young people as their peers are singing about changing the world. Juanjo (Francesc Colomer) is a young man wanting to define his place and space in the family.

The issue he uses to stand up to his father is the length of his hair. His father wants his son’s to get a haircut, while Juanjo wants to leave it as it is. Belen (Natalia de Molina) is young, sweetly beautiful, and 3+ months pregnant. She’s been ousted from the home she was sent to and is trying to find her way back home.

Antonio (Javier Camara) is a John Lennon obsessed school teacher. He teaches English to students using lyrics written by John. His kids are engaged and he loves what he does. Antonio gets the idea to drive to another part of Spain to see his hero who is shooting a film “How I Won the War”. On his way he picks up Belen and Juanjo who are hitchhiking.

As the three learn more about each other a deep friendship and honor for each other evolves as they hang around a very small town in Spain hoping to see Lennon.

Camara is outstanding as the gentle, kind and likable school teacher. His deft handling of his role and the innocent excitement he brings to the character is amazing. Molina is exquisite as the pregnant girl who is both innocent and divinely guided. Colomer is wonderful as the young man who is trying his wings for the first time. David Trueba wrote and directed this film with wonder and innocent beauty.

Overall:  Truly an enjoyable film to watch.