First Hit:  It was pretty funny at times and walked a nice line between slapstick and heart.

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) plays a desk-bound, behind the scenes CIA agent, who gets a chance to go out into the field. Because she is unknown by the person they are attempting to track, and her inexperience in the field, there are numerous opportunities for awkward comedic situations.

Her CIA counterparts Rick Ford (Jason Statham) and Bradley Fine (Jude Law) play their roles straight which adds to the situational and physical comedy.

McCarthy was the best I’ve seen her. Her comedy here wasn’t as pressed as it was in an earlier film, Bridesmaids, and showed more variability and vulnerability in her character. Jason Statham was like most all the roles he plays in other films – very intense and single-minded. Jude Law was fine in his James Bondish sort of way. Paul Feig wrote and directed this film and it worked.

Overall:  I liked this much better than I had thought I would because I hadn’t been much of a fan of the films McCarthy's been in.