Bee Movie

First Hit: Lacking in anything new, generally unfunny, and unimaginative; this film was uninspired. There were about 12 people in the theater besides myself and there was virtually no laughing out loud. This was a real waste of a reported $150 million dollars of animation.

Within the first 5 minutes of this film the sensation of boredom had already invaded.

This film had very few laughs and the term mediocre fits it very well. The animation was good and crisp but nothing inventive. It seemed like someone made an animation film and was more interested in learning about how to do animation versus creating an inventive interesting film.

There was one major gaff: In the scene after the world had succumbed to being without floral color, because pollination had ceased, the aviator bees got ready to head out of the hive to save the pilotless plane, however as they got ready to head out there were beautiful green trees sitting outside the hive door.

The animators had slipped and used a background previously used in the film but forgot that the scene required a different background.

Overall: This was a waste of time and I’m not sure, outside of 2 or 3 funny gags, that kids will find this film amusing, I know I didn’t.