Hello, My Name Is Doris

First Hit:  Sally Field (as Doris) steals this film and makes this story work very well.

Doris is in her mid-sixties, her mom has just passed away, she had lived with her mom most of her life, she’s a hoarder, and works in an advertising agency as a data input operator.

Into her work life walks in John Fremont (Max Greenfield), a new arrival from California. He’s in his mid-thirties, got dropped by his girlfriend, is kind, and in his new job/life he’s trying to fit in.

What doesn’t work about this film is that John is portrayed as too naïve about how Doris feels about him. However, what does work about this film is Field as Doris. She is so good that the audience is engaged and bought into the story.

Most of the film is about how Doris fantasizes about having a romantic relationship with a man half her age. However, it also speaks to aging, human kindness, hoarding, sacrificing for family, the modern workplace, older people, and finally, friends and family.

Although we are not introduced to Doris’ character gently, there is no compromise in her character and to be quite frank, it worked.

Field is beyond fabulous. She could be considered for a third Oscar next March. Greenfield was good but I couldn’t help but think about his lack of vision of Doris' intention. Tyne Daly as Roz, Doris’ best friend, was extremely strong. Her acceptance and friendship was perfectly played. Isabella Acres as Roz’s granddaughter Vivian was spectacular. Her befriending of Doris and helping her navigate Social Media was perfect. Laura Terruso and Michael Showalter wrote a very interesting and edgy script. Showalter did a great job of guiding and giving Field the freedom to deeply explore her character.

Overall:  This film was very entertaining and I loved Doris’ outfits.