The International

First Hit: As far as thrillers go this was pretty good and it kept my interest throughout.

Clive Owen has the right kind of look, feel and intensity to carry off the character of Louis Salinger a government inspector hot on the trail of the members of the IBBC Bank. He was once foiled in his investigation a few years earlier when he was working for Scotland Yard and because it hurt his integrity, he’s on a mission and won’t give up until he gets the bank.

The bank, in this timely film, has its hands in everything and, according to the senior officers, is always a few steps from making tons of money from people’s suffering or suffering huge losses by these decisions. This bank, in particular, is involved with financing guns and weapons.

However, what the film does well is talk about that it isn’t the financing that makes the bank money it is the power, control, and influence they gain in owning the debt nations create to gain these weapons. This timely film touches and reflects on the absurd financial crisis our banks are experiencing.

The banks created debt and their choices were so bad that their strategy failed which resulted in their failing us.

The director was clear with his intent and made this film about the characters and not as much about the action. Although the big shoot out at the Guggenheim museum was a major scene, it didn’t out weight either the characters or the overall aim of the film. Naomi Watts was good as Eleanor Whitman, as Louis’ boss and as a New York based DA working with Interpol to make a case against the bank.

Overall: A very good thriller that kept a wonderful pace, didn’t over complicate the story and provided information as to how some banks might operate.