First Hit: Different from the original film with Dudley Moore, but this was very entertaining and had out-loud laughs.

The Moore Minnelli film was good but this one was actually better in comedic charm.

Russell Brand plays Arthur in this film as a heavy drinking funny guy who would marry someone he doesn’t love, just to keep his inheritance. Hobson, his nanny (played by Helen Mirren) raised Arthur after his father dies.

His mother Vivienne (played by Geraldine James) has no real hand in Arthur’s upbringing and is ineffective in communicating and loving Arthur. To keep the family business in the hands of someone capable, Vivienne decides Arthur must marry Susan (played by Jennifer Garner) who is very driven, smart, but only looking for power and validity because her father Burt Johnson (played by Nick Nolte) is a self-made builder.

I loved the relationship between Hobson and Arthur because the greatness of Mirren’s acting kept the film on even keel while letting Brand have some fun with the role. Arthur meets up Naomi (played by Greta Gerwig) whom he falls in love with. Naomi gives illegal tours of New York and writes children stories. She and Arthur have a great connection and it shows on the film.

As Arthur found his strength to grow-up, he takes charge of his life.

Brand is funny and although his drunken behavior wasn’t very good, his witticisms, great comic timing, and facial expressions really made this film work in juxtaposition to Mirren’s smart refined behavior. Mirren was great in this role and she really grounded this picture in a wonderful way. James was strong as the mother who was unwilling to be a mother. Garner was good as the power hungry girl who would live in a loveless marriage just for power. Nolte was gravelly as always. Gerwig is great as the love interest and person by whom Arthur discovers himself. Peter Baynham wrote a funny screenplay from a Steve Gordon story. Jason Winer directed this film with a lightheartedness that was perfect.

Overall: This film was funny enough to be worthwhile of an audience.