Golden Kingdom

First Hit:  Very sweet film about four young monks left alone to fend for themselves.

Filmed in Myanmar (Burma), the beautiful countryside taking an impressive second seat to the beautiful spirits embodied in the novice (Ko Yin) priests; Witazara (Shine Htet Saw), Wezananda (Saw Ri), Thiridema (Than Maung), and Awadadema (Maung Sein).

Their Abbot Sayadaw has to leave the remote monastery going through a treacherous mountain pass, leaving the oldest Witazara in charge. The young monks learn that Sayadaw may be killed going through the pass which makes them more nervous about their plight.

However, left alone they practice their prayers, meditate and do their chores as always. There food has been provided by an old man who is a local villager each morning. Shortly after the Abbot leaves, the old man stops showing up with their food.

Because they eat only once a day, they become hungry quickly and begin searching the area around them to find food. However, there is a war going on in Myanmar (Burma) villages are being vacated and they become more and more desperate. Witazara ventures out committed to find food for his fellow young monks. He fights his fears and demons and finds a willing helper.

The sweetness of the monks doing their practice was amazing. The countryside of Burma, beautiful.

Saw was wonderful as the one appointed to guide his fellow young monks. Ri, Maung, and Sein were amazing. The beauty in their spirits came through their eyes and actions. Brian Perkins wrote and directed this wonderfully beautiful film.

Overall:  A great look at the devotion and beauty of young Burmese monks.