Le Chef (Comme un chef)

First Hit:  A funny and enjoyable film.

This is a simple story about a man Jacky Bonnot (Michael Youn) who dreams of being a famous chef, but because of his own stubbornness, gets thrown out of every kitchen he attempts to cook in. He’s got an encyclopedic memory for recipes and has very specific ideas of how they could be changed for the better.

Bonnot’s got a girlfriend Beatrice (Raphaelle Agogue) with whom he lives with, is engaged to and is pregnant. She’s getting impatient for Jacky to find a permanent employment because she’s afraid they will be without the necessities to support their new baby. Jacky happens to assist Alexandre Lagarde (Jean Reno) who is a famous chef, with a 3 starred restaurant and a television show.

He reminds Alexandre about certain specifics of his previous recipes and they begin to bond. There are scenes that stilted in the film and there are a few wooded performances by actors, but the idea that Jacky saves the day for Alexandre is fun to watch and ultimately unfolds nicely with humor.

Youn is funny; especially when he gets focus on what is right for a particular food. Agogue in her small role is beautiful and divine in the way she delivers her part. Reno is absolutely sublime as the famous chef who doesn’t want to lose one of his stars. Daniel Cohen wrote and directed this little film in a light, amusing and heartfelt way.

Overall:  It was wonderful light hearted film.