Mad Max: Fury Road

First Hit:  One very, very long chase movie consisting of unrealistic and poorly choreographed scenes that were generally bad enough to have the audience laugh.

Yes the fun things about the original Mad Max films were the bizarre chase scenes. However, what made it watchable and interesting was the story line outside of the vehicle chases. Here there is little story and even less of anything of interest.

Max (played by Tom Hardy) says so little that virtually no emotion comes from him except when he hallucinates his daughter in front of his eyes. Then there is Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, a driver for Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) the emperor, sort of speak, of his group of people. I cannot go into the story because it is simply one long huge chase scene and the hero’s survive - what else would I say?

Theron is OK but I’m puzzled as to why she would take this role – it just lacks the depth I’m use to seeing from her. Hardy was OK as well and I don’t know why he made this film except maybe for the money. George Miller and Brendan McCarthy wrote a meaningless script filled with staged chase choreography. Miller directed this film with this vision: How many crashes can I get on film (one - beginning to end), how bizarre can I make the vehicles (electric guitar and player as a hood ornament) and how can I bury any semblance of a story (just have people chase each other).

Overall:  Not much of a film and less of a story.