Like Crazy

First Hit:  Wonderfully realistic acting about a fresh, lasting and true love between two young people in which "I love you Like Crazy” means something.

I’m a romantic at heart and this film worked at all levels for me.

The acting by most everyone in the film was good and was superb by the principals Jacob (played by Anton Yelchin) and Anna (played by Felicity Jones). They meet because Anna leaves a note on Jacob’s car. Their first date was perfect representation of what two somewhat bashful, thoughtful people would go through when they are learning who they are in front of another person.

The relationship builds and their inner connection grows as the school year goes on. This is represented by walks in the park, dinners and in bed. Her goal is to be a writer and his is to be a furniture builder and upon graduation they have some decisions to make. She is on a student visa from England and must go home.

However, she breaks the law and stays beyond the legal limit. She eventually leaves and goes home to England. When she returns on a tourist visa she is detained and sent back home. This event sets up the film discovering how they handle a long distance relationship:  Will they each take other lovers? Will their love last? Was their love real? Will they make it through the trials and tribulations of being separated by “the law?”

The answer to these questions is “yes”. The audience gets to see that even though they each take different lovers who may be prettier (better looking) than their partner, something is missing.

This film is about love, the power of love and two young people realizing it.

Yelchin is wonderful and exemplary as the creative furniture maker. Jones was outstanding as the girl who has found her partner and continues to reach out to make it happen. Jennifer Lawrence as Sam is Jacob’s work assistant and sometimes lover is good and is a perfect example of someone who may be prettier than the other woman but when the spark isn't there you know it. Charlie Bewley is really good as Simon, Anna’s neighbor who falls in love with her, is great looking but there is a connection missing. The scene where he proposes is heartbreaking. Alex Kingston and Oliver Muirhead are divine as Anna’s parents. Drake Doremus and Ben York Jones wrote this wonderful script while Doremus did a wonderful job of keeping the story on track and the film crisp.

Overall:  This was a wonderful love story which depicted thoughtful college age kids with thoughtfulness.