First Hit:  This movie was well paced and kept me fully engaged.

I was somewhat skeptical walking into this film because I knew nothing about it. I quickly got up to speed because it doesn't waste much time jumping into the story. In just a few words it is about what a mother, Karla (Halle Berry), will do to locate and take back her kidnapped son Frankie (Sage Correa).

Karla is divorcing and her, soon to be, ex-husband sends her a legal notice stating he wants primary custody of their son mostly because he’s financially well-off and can give their boy the very best. Deeply hurt, Karla takes Frankie to a park to enjoy the day together. Getting a phone call, she steps away from her son to better hear the caller.

When she turns back towards her son, he is gone. Frantically searching the nearby area and parking lot, she sees Frankie being pulled and pushed into a car. She  screams and starts running towards the kidnapper's car. Along the way she drops her mobile phone which puts her at a disadvantage because she cannot call the police. Getting into her van, she begins to chase after the kidnapper's car.

Here is where the film gets intense. The car chase scene, which takes up about half the film, is intense, filled with suspense and makes you question, what would you do. There is no question about what Karla is going to do and as an audience member, I suggest that you sit back and enjoy the ride.

The film editing is wonderful. The choreography of the automobiles on the highways is engaging and clearly well thought-out.

Berry is really strong in this film. I fully bought her character and it is clear she's capable of carrying this entire film. She does this extremely well. Correa is good in his small role. Chris McGinn (as Margo) is sufficiently mean and perfect as the in-charge kidnapper. Lew Temple is good as Terry, the subservient kidnapper to Margo. Knate Lee wrote a strong action script. Luis Prieto did a wonderful job of making excitement last throughout this film.

Overall:  This film may not get the audience it deserves but the people who see it will be very entertained.