No End in Sight

First Hit: This is a first rate picture because it gives the audience an idea of how our government bungled a bad decision and made it worse.

This film will show you that much of our most senior leadership was without experience and clueless.

The senior officers who had experience, and could have helped, weren’t listened to. The interviews by the people who were on the ground are revealing. I got the impression that our leadership thought they could point and click with a mouse on a computer and expect to have their results, their way. We have failed the people of Iraq and most of all we have failed ourselves morally, spiritually, and honestly.

I personally don’t believe we had any right or reason to be in Iraq. However this film isn’t so much about why we are in Iraq, it is about how we screwed it up and continue to make it worse. The images do not hold back.

The news conference quips by Rumsfeld show the arrogance, naivety, and ignorance of this former senior official.

The film points out we didn’t have, and still don’t have a plan despite what our government tells you. We’ve been in trouble since we got there and it isn’t looking any better.

Overall: Every official of every county, state, and federal government in this country needs to pull together to stop this madness. We owe Iraq and the Iraqi people an apology.