2 Days in New York

First Hit:  At times funny at other times it felt like it was pressing.

Julie Delpy playing Marion also wrote and directed this film. This is her 7th directorial effort of which one, 2 Days in Paris, was the only one I previously watched.

Like 2 Days in Paris, she wrote, directed and stars in this film. Perfectly understandable because in today’s film making system; sometimes the only way you get work is to make it yourself. In this film Marion (Delpy) is living with Mingus (played by Chris Rock).

He’s a semi-famous radio personality and she is a struggling photo artist. They each have children from previous relationships. Marion’s father Jeannot (played by Albert Delpy), sister Rose (played by Alexia Landeau), and a former lover Manu (played by Alexandre Nahon) come to visit them from France.

They are an odd lot with Jeannot and Manu being held at immigration/customs because they are trying to smuggle 35 pounds of sausages into the country. The cultural differences, lifestyle differences, and language misunderstandings make sections of this film very funny.

However, the same components that make it funny at times, get in the way. There is also the issue that Delpy appears to channel Woody Allen by the the continual talking and over explaining his previous actions.

Delpy is good at times but overall the character wore on me. Rock is toned down from being an intense Rock and here it works. Albert Delpy is amusing to watch and is the funniest character in the film. Nahon is the second funniest, but his role felt a little pressed as well. Landeau was very good as the sister who, although being a child psychologist, has a set of her own issues. Delpy and Landeau wrote the script which at times was great and other times labored. Delpy gets some good performances from the actors.

Overall:  The film just doesn’t have enough to make it really good.