John Carter

First Hit:  This was a painfully dreadful film.

It starts off with a confusing story which segues to a battle between 1 or 2 or 3 societies living on Mars – right.

Then jumps back to some guy hunting gold in Arizona but who comes from Virginia. Oh, the guy in Arizona, its John Carter (played Taylor Kitsch).

Then we’re in some mansion, then we’re back to Mars, then were in Arizona, then were…. The acting was stiff, the story made little sense and direction made it overly confusing.

The trick the filmmakers used to make the film language move from Martian to English was really stupid – he drinks some liquid?

There were a couple of funny moments with the Mars “dog” character but overall it was basically they film makers wasted a lot of money making this.

Kitsch was, at times, watchable but mostly it was just him doing some big jumping around which amazed the Martians. Lynn Collins played the Princess Dejah Thoris and it was truly wasteful. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a story on which Andrew Stanton and Mark Andrews wrote a fully flawed and mindless script. Andrew Stanton had no clear vision in his direction and therefore there was a lot of wasted money in visual effects supporting a story that just didn’t work.

Overall: This film has little value and shared no new story or visual technology.