10,000 BC

First Hit: It was simply hard for me to believe that people speaking English, sporting perfectly arranged dreadlocks, wearing fashionable goatees, having closely shaven heads, and having straight white teeth were part of the world in 10,000 BC.

The film is unbelievable from the very beginning.

I am not sure if Roland Emmerich was actually serious about making this film or if he wanted to pull our legs (tongue in cheek) to see if we would pay money to see this fiasco. There are so many inaccuracies in this film (He is off by thousands of years - the Pyramids weren’t built in 10,000 BC) that the whole thing is simply laughable and ridiculous.

The story line is Hollywood specific: A young boy, who is struggling because he has questionable warrior and family status among his fellow villagers, goes out to save the girl of his dreams. She was taken from him by a raiding party of mean people on horses.

On the way to find his love, he and three other warriors climb incredibly high mountains, cross stark deserts, pass through lush valleys, and walk across a plain sagebrush strewn high desert. Along the way he befriends a Saber Tooth tiger (more footage with this animal and less with the woolly mammoths would have been nice) and some very large hyper active chickens with hooked beaks that were the most fearsome creatures in the film.

They meet some other villagers who had also lost loved ones to the mean people on horses so they join forces to get their loved ones back.

Anyway, you know the ending, boy saves girl and they will live their lives happily ever after – the end.

Overall: Cannot imagine someone paying good CGI money for a film that flaunts history and reality so badly.