Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

First Hit: Could have been good, but it dragged and meandered.

I had heard of Spitzer as he started cleaning up problems as Manhattan’s District Attorney. He brought down the Gambino Crime Family.

Then as New York State’s Attorney General he went after white collar crime. He was hard-nosed, arrogant and efficient at prosecuting criminals. However, he got caught up in his own stuff and was caught hiring high priced prostitutes for his own pleasure (he was referred to as “Client 9”) and ended up leaving office.

The idea of this film was to give some in-depth background to how all this happened. The film did this in many different ways but was shallow. I never really got the gist of who this guy is or was.

Although there is plenty of interview screen time, I felt Spitzer was guarded and defensive in all his responses with little transparency. We’d heard about his famous temper but only a couple of the other interviewees actually told their experience.

Alex Gibney wrote and directed this but he did not create an interesting or cohesive story.

Overall: Not really worth the time to watch this film. You can get a good view by reading Wikipedia.