First Hit:  Although a very improbable storyline, I enjoyed seeing Costner again.

I found it hard to believe the foundation that Dr. Franks (Tommy Lee Jones) found a way to implant the memories of CIA agent Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds) into an uncaring prisoner Jericho Steward (Kevin Costner).

However, once I got past this and accepted the premise, the film was interesting enough to keep me focused. The reason why this transfer is to take place is that Pope had learned of a plot by “The Duchman” Jan Stroop (Michael Pitt) to sell dark-worm code.

This code allowed the owner to control all of the US Military’s defense systems while also being able to launch nuclear missiles. What he wants in return for the code is; $10M, a passport, and a new identity in the US. Pope was closing this deal but was shot and killed by an anarchist Xavier Heimdahl’s (Jordi Molla) team of enforcers.

Although Pope is physically dead the CIA is keeping his brain alive by hooking him to machines. Heimdahl wants the code for himself so that he can rule the world and will do anything to get it. Pope’s CIA boss Quaker Wells (Gary Oldman) is also very determined to get the code because he knows Heimdahl will hold the world hostage. This is when Wells hires Dr. Franks to try this experimental approach of moving the dying Pope’s memories to Jericho.

Costner is good at being the guy who sees and feels no consequences for any action he takes. There are multiple scenes showing this and he pulls it off. Ryan Reynolds has a more minor role although his thoughts are major part of the film. Pitt is sufficiently nerdy and agitated to pull of his role. Jones is somewhat miscast as he does better in stronger roles. Molla is very good as the antagonist. Oldman over acted his role, especially in the initial hospital interview scenes when Jericho gets out of surgery. Douglas Cook and David Weisberg wrote the improbable script although sections of when Jericho interacts with Pope’s wife and daughter were very good. Ariel Vromen did a good job of making the improbable story watchable.

Overall:  Costner's acting held this film together and made it very watchable.