Me Before You

First Hit:  I bought this story fully because of Emilia Clarke's ability to create joy and hope.

Lou Clark (Clarke) is a priceless and amazing character.

In this story, she’s got a boyfriend named Patrick (Matthew Lewis) who is clear about what he wants out of life but doesn’t really hear Lou or understand her needs and therefore there is a gap in their relationship.

Lou is a pleaser (not in a bad way) and suffers through her relationship with joy because she wants to please and support Patrick. We also watch her please customers in the small bakery where we see her working when the film opens. She pleases her family by working to keep the family in their home because her father had lost his job and her working provides for the entire family.

After losing her job at the bakery she interviews to be a caretaker for a young man who has had his spinal cord severed. Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) was an extremely active, risk taking, wealthy man who gets hit by a motorcycle. He’s in constant pain, doesn’t smile much, and everything has to be done for him. His paralysis means just about everything below his neck cannot move without assistance.

Lou is offered the job and brings her joyous pleasing personality and wild clothing style to Will’s home each day. He resists her charm but slowly, over time, he cannot be but infected by her joyous view of life. He hears and understands her.

As the film unfolds, the audience, might expect a particular type of ending, however it is a bit different and that alone makes this film socially poignant as well.

Clarke is so wonderfully strong on the screen; she steals every frame she is in. I bought her character hook, line, and sinker. Claflin is really good as the suffering Will. His indifference towards Lou at the beginning was perfect. Stephen Peacocke as Nathan is wonderful as the physical therapist that does the heavy lifting for Will and his family. Jojo Moyes wrote a fantastic script. Thea Sharrock did an excellent job of directing the story and the actors.

Overall:  I really enjoyed and was touched by the this film.