Southside with You

First Hit:  This was a very sweet story about how Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson’s first date might have gone.

Based on publicly available facts, Richard Tanne developed a wonderful script and directed this film creating a space for two amazing actors Tika Sumpter (Michelle) and Parker Sawyers (Barack) to reflect our current first family’s initial date.

I liked the feel of this very uplifting story and how it transferred to film. It showed the intelligence of both our President and First Lady. Their personal charm, goals, aspirations, and willingness to cautiously open up to each other about their upbringing and future ambitions were nicely presented.

The film follows the couple from when he first picks Michelle up in a car that has part of the floorboard missing; then they trek to a museum, take a walk in a park, go to a community meeting where Barack speaks, see a Spike Lee film, and have ice cream together.

Throughout these events, their dialogue is wonderfully scripted and brings out information that gives the audience a peek at the how and why they are together.

Sumpter is very strong at showing an intelligent strong Michelle while being cautious about starting a relationship with someone who works in her firm. Sawyers was very good as showing us the articulate well-spoken President we’ve come to know. Tanne did a wonderful job of creating a script and directing his two actors.

Overall:  I found this story and film to very sweet and enjoyable.