Margot At The Wedding

First Hit: Together Jennifer Jason Leigh and Nichole Kidman share real life family stories.

Every time I see Jennifer Jason Leigh (In this film as Pauline) I am reminded about how wonderful and intensely great an actor she is.

Here she is paired with Nicole Kidman (Margot) as her critical, pompous and domineering sister. In their scenes together they chew up the scenery with their dynamic characterizations.

Zane Pais, as Margot’s son Claude holds his own as the son who loves and puts up with his mother’s desperate and chaotic path through life. Although Jack Black (As Malcolm) is a good actor, and has a few fine moments in this film as Pauline’s husband to be; he is overmatch in scenes where Jennifer and Nicole are also present.

This film is shot with little outside lighting which gives it a real independent feel and adds to the sense we are peeking in on the lives of a family still working itself out.

Overall: This is a very good film with some outstanding acting.