Bangkok Dangerous

First Hit: This film never became interesting or thrilling.

Nicholas Cage plays Joe, an assassin who is trying to end his career and begin to have a life.

He lives his life on the road killing people for money. He has no family that we know of and he has no friends. One of his rules is that he leaves no trace behind on each of his jobs, therefore all helpers he hires at each site to do deliveries and stuff die as well. The helpers he finds are usually people who won’t be missed or are down and out or are on the fringe of some kind. The film begins with Joe taking a job in Bangkok which includes 4 hits.

Completing these four assassinations he figures he will have enough money to quit and maybe begin to have a different kind of life. Arriving in Bangkok he finds a quiet place to stay and then finds his helper. However, during this trip he starts to have feelings for a mute woman at a pharmacy who helps him with a cut he obtained making one of his hits.

This leads him to have more compassion towards the helper who delivers briefcases filled with money, guns, and hit profiles. He decides to take this helper Kong (played by Shahkrit Yamnarm), and teach him some of the skills of the trade.

This film was very uneven and there were so many things that were unexplained like how did he get two motorcycles. The planning of each hit could have been explained more to provide some suspense and make it thrilling but instead they were loosely tied together leaving the audience to figure it out why this work is highly paid and complicated.

Overall: This was a very uneven film with too many loose holes and was overall very unsatisfactory.