King Of California

First Hit: I liked and enjoyed this film after its slow start.

Michael Douglas has taken on some interesting parts in his career ranging from a “Wall Street” hotshot to a man who reaches the end of his rope in “Falling Down”.

His part in this film is an addition to one of his more interesting acting endeavors. It took awhile for the film to get into gear or maybe it was me that struggled getting into gear with the film, regardless as the film unfolds the relationship between him and his daughter played by Evan Rachel Wood was really touching and tender.

This relationship develops in that slow meaningful way you like to see these things develop in a film. This is a story about admiration, trust, curiosity, and the failings of parents as the admiring daughter begins to see her father as he is.

The story begins as she picks up her father from a mental hospital and you see that she is the one keeping their life together. Douglas begins to weave a tale about buried gold doubloons hidden by an early California explorer/Father named “Garces”.

As he shares the tale he invites Wood to read the story, do some research, and help him find the buried treasure which happens to be under a Costco; the store with everything.

Overall: I ended up enjoying this film when I fell into its pace to connect with thoughts and feelings of the characters. The film left me in joy and a sense that human gifts to each other can be expressed in many different ways.