Deep Water

First Hit: What a truly interesting documentary about sailing, people, and what happens to them when pressed to be with themselves by themselves.

This was an extraordinary event that took place in 1968.

The film mostly focuses on one man who felt the need to show up in the world and "to the world" and his family in some way.

I do find it interesting how the English (and I saw two English films this week) talk about themselves and behaviors in the third person. Rarely, when they are speaking, do they own their feelings or understandings of themselves in the first person.

However, the logs, his journal, the tape recordings and the 16mm footage do not hide the real person and it is hear that ownership begins to take place.

The interviews during the film are timely, touching and interesting.

I loved the Frenchman coming into his full understanding of who he is and his willingness to live his truth.

The decision he makes towards the end of the film is both flabbergasting and of the truth. I bow to this man.

It would be easy to give away the ending of this film, but I suggest you go see it or rent it on DVD because it is worth watching.

Overall: I’m so glad I saw this film and I loved hearing the narration of the journals they kept. What a risk and what an adventure.