First Hit: This adequately acted film gives us a glimpse and information about an abhorrent program our current government supports.

Reese Witherspoon is a good dramatic actor however I didn’t find her fully believable in this role. I don’t think she projected an honest anguish at her husband being taken or an honestly in the way she related to her son.

However, her turns at confronting her friend the senator’s aid, the senator, and the CIA head (Meryl Streep) were more up her alley and felt more fully fleshed out. Omar Metwally did a very credible job as the victim of torture and made his circumstance believable.

The subject of this film is timely in that we have come to know that the US Government supports this sort of out of country experience for people that are suspected terrorists. If our current CIA Director is anything like Meryl Streep’s character, we are definitely in trouble as a society.

Overall: I would wait for this to come out on DVD.