The Skin I Live In

First Hit:  Odd and interesting film about obsession, retaliation and redemption.

Almodovar does some interesting films, some are oddly funny while other films are unique in their view of life and behavior.

Here Robert Ledgard (played by Antonio Banderas) is a surgeon who performs magic on burn patients. Additionally he performs sex change operations out of his own operating room in his home. His wife dies from suicide because she is horribly burned and when she sees her reflection in a window for the first time, she cannot stand what she sees.

His daughter gets raped by a young man named Vincente (played by Jan Cornet) and because she is traumatized, commits suicide as well. Legard, as part of his research, is working on how to replace and grow skin as a replacement for burn victims.

In his anger at losing his daughter, he kidnaps Vincente the boy who raped his daughter and changes him into a woman named Vera Cruz (played by Elena Anaya). Because she is with him for years they develop a relationship.

However, this film is about revenge and redemption so it has its twists. The one thing that amazed me was how perfect Vera’s skin was. I know that this must have been the expert use of makeup as well as special effects.

The skin was amazing.

Banderas is very good as the somewhat mental, yet intelligent doctor. Cornet was well cast as the troubled rogue young man. Anaya was superb as Vera. Pedro Almodovar wrote and directed this interesting and thoughtful film.

Overall: A good film and worth watching.