Mistress America

First Hit:  At times this film was really funny, however the point and feeling weren't lasting or memorable.

This is one of those films that can be entertaining and funny while watching it and it soon fades from memory. Tracy (Lola Kirke) is in college. She’s timid in the world.

She’s a writer and has little confidence in her writing, her ability to attract men, and has few friends. Her soon to be sister by marriage, Brooke (Greta Gerwig), lives in NYC and Tracy meets her for the first time. Immediately she discovers that Brooke is almost the opposite of her. Outgoing, confident, and connected with lots of people.

The humor is the way Brooke operates in the world and how Tracy reacts. Brooke spends most of the film trying to open a restaurant, meeting with people for its financing, spends time with friends where she is life of the party. She also has 100 new ideas a minute and one gets the sense she has a difficult time implementing the ideas.

The developing relationship between the two women helps Tracy gain confidence in herself and allows her to assert herself in the world and in her life. Some of the scenes, like when Brooke meets with investors, were effectively staged and well done.  

When Brooke and Tracy meet Brooke’s former lover, now married to Brooks former friend, was a little pushed at times and I’m not sure having the pregnant lady hanging around added anything except an occasional laugh. Some of the dialog was excellent and was both spiritual and anxiously shallow at the same time.

Kirke was good and very engaging at times. Gerwig was almost too aloof but created a strong character. Michael Chernus (as Dylan) and Heather Lind (as Mamie-Claire) were strong in their parts as former friends and lover. Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig wrote, at times, an insightful and funny script. However, it did get a little convoluted the rest of the time. Noah Baumbach did a good job keeping the odd story interesting and aimed to a conclusion.

Overall: This was an Interesting and forgetful film.