The Invasion

First Hit: Although better than many “invasion” films, it didn’t quite hit the spot.

Nicole Kidman is a wonderful actress and her part in the film is done well.

However, during the film there were three or four times I wondered why she picked this film to do. Isn’t she getting other film offers? Does she need the money? With thoughts like this I knew the premise wasn’t quite hitting the spot for me.

For a thriller, this film is well produced and crafted and does a credible job. The scenes are full, and unlike its predecessor zombie films, it holds together. But somehow it didn’t suspend my belief enough to keep me engaged all the way through.

I needed to know more background about how the government was handling the crisis, and was Bush already a zombie? (I know rhetorical question) I wanted to know more about the ex-husband and what made him such a terrible husband before he was taken over. His saying “I came third” wasn’t enough to make me understand what had gone wrong in their relationship.

I didn’t find the film very scary or creepy which was a bit disappointing. Daniel Craig wasn’t in his element as another doctor and in love with Nicole’s character.

One of the best scenes was the exchange of dialog between the Russian Ambassador and Nicole at the dinner table.

Overall: Not very fulfilling nor did it suspend my belief enough for me to think this could happen.