The Central Park Five

First Hit: Very strong factual film done with the type of detail work Ken Burns is known to produce.

This documentary fully examines the 1989 court case where 5 young black and Latino teenage boys that were accused and prosecuted for raping a women in Central Park.

The fact of the matter is that they were pushed and forced by the New York Police to admit on paper and in a video interview that they did the crime. The New York Police were systematic in the way they pushed these scared young boys into admitting they did a crime they never committed.

Burns, as is his MO, makes a strong case by dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s that the police were wrong. What I was especially drawn to was the New York Times columnist that said he, the police and other journalist need to look at themselves and own their part in convicting these boys.

Burns and David McMahon wrote a wonderfully complex screenplay allowing the audience a great insight to this case. Burns and Sarah Burns co-directed this film in strong factual documentary fashion.

Overall:  Memorable.