Monkey Kingdom

First Hit:  A truly delightful amazing film.

Disney does and continues to produce the most amazing nature documentaries ever made. Here the Disney team moves the ball further down the field with “Monkey Kingdom”.

Just as in a novel, the Disney team takes their painstakingly shot footage and pieces together a story that is emotionally compelling, fun and interesting. The main character is Maya, a female that is at the bottom of this group’s hierarchical based society. When she gives birth to a young boy Kip, things change because of her perseverance and dedication to protecting and feeding her boy.

The scenes of Sri Lanka’s jungle were amazing as well.

Tina Fey narrated this film perfectly. Her inflections and curiosity were infectious. Mark Linfield and Alistair Fothergill did an amazing job of directing this effort.

Overall:  It may be a “G” rated film, and for me the “G” means great.