Neil Young Journeys

First Hit:  I loved watching my favorite singer/songwriter in his element.

I’ve probably stated this before, but I will here again. I’m grateful to have been introduced to the music of Buffalo Springfield back in 1966. I saw them once at the Whiskey A Go Go.

Then the weird guy playing guitar touched my soul by writing Mr. Soul recorded in 1967. I admired his songs so much that I learned to play just about everyone of them - my way.

As he would always do, he took a right turn and became a solo artist with occasional forays with other groups and musicians. In Journeys we get a glimpse of the solo Young and his memories. We travel from his home town of Omemee, Ontario Canada to Massey Hall in Toronto.

In 1970 Neil did a solo concert in Massey Hall which is a classic. The concert in this film which is its base, is 41 years after that original concert. In this one Neil is all electric, solo with much of the material coming from his album Le Noise sprinkled with the occasional older hit like Down By The River and an extremely moving Ohio.

Camera work is up-close and personal with cameras even on the microphone. Yes we see a lot of Neil’s mouth and there is spit on the lens for half the “Hitchhiker” but it only adds to the realism Demme is looking for. 

Overall, it is the music and Neil’s rye humor (eating road tar produced his love of cars) that makes this a wonderful film for Young’s fans.

Neil is still fresh and amazing in his ability to create interesting music while being over 71 years old. Jonathan Demme, in his third time at filming Neil, is on target and creates a wonderful experience.

Overall:  I left the theater very happy.