Rescue Dawn

First Hit: An intense film about a scary situation and definitely worth seeing.

Christian Bale is an excellent actor and, like in The Mechanic, will do what it takes to meet the physical challenges of the role.

This is based on a true story, one most of us will never come close to experiencing. The perseverance to break out of prison and not succumb to the tyranny of the guards is remarkable. The rest of his fellow  prisoners had given up in their own way and had fallen into hopelessness.

Dengler brings hope. Just before they break out, they have a meal of grubs from the jungle. To watch Christian enthusiastically eat the grubs was wonderful. Having served in Vietnam, the trek through the jungle felt real and not many of us would survive the journey.

Dengler’s hope and spirit carry him to freedom. And I must say I loved the last scenes where he is absconded by his old flight team to the carrier was glorious.

Overall, this was a strong good film.