First Hit: Although some of the actors and scenes are visually really beautiful, this film was weak, flimsy and very unsatisfying.

The film has no bite and Michael Pitt mopes through this role bringing very little to the character except blank stares, mumbling, and a lack of letting the audience know what was going on within him.

Maybe that is why there were voiceovers in which he makes worse. Keira Knightley didn’t bring much more and I know she is more than capable of bringing something to the screen.

I’m not sure whether it was a really poor script or poor direction but I kept wondering if and when the film would kick into gear.

Although Francois Girard directed “The Red Violin” which was a rather good, this film seems lost from the beginning and stays lost to the end.

In a bright spot Koji Yakusho is very alive, sexy and worth watching in a role where she says nothing.

Overall: There is nothing about this film except the beautiful people and pictures that come up on the screen from time to time.