The Wedding Ringer

First Hit:  It was a very funny film – I enjoyed it.

The basic premise of the film is that if a guy needs a best man or groomsmen for a his wedding, he contacts Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) who will become your best man and best friend through the wedding for a price.

Callahan is quick to point out that as soon as his mission is filled, at the reception, he is to receive his final payment and then they are not friends any longer. It is just a business transaction. This film has set-up written all over it and it works. The groom in this case is Doug Harris (Josh Gad) who is marrying a women he never thought would look at him. Gretchen Palmer (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) is beautiful and comes from a wealthy family.

Her father Ed (Ken Howard) is overbearing and nothing is good enough for his daughter. As the wedding day approaches, Doug is panicked about not having a best man and groomsmen. He finds Callahan who decides he’ll help Doug pull off the Golden Tux – Best man and 7 groomsmen. Funny bits include Doug’s choosing of the best man’s name (Bic Mitchum” – razor and deodorant) as was the introduction of Jimmy’s choices for best men.

The comedic chemistry between Hart and Gad as expressed through their two characters was fantastic. Their dance scenes together are wonderfully inventive and playfully skilled.

Hart was the best I’ve ever seen him. His rapid fire talking was more under control and here added to the role. Gad was revelation in that here he shined. He held the second lead character with surety. Cuoco-Sweeting was good and delivered what was needed in this supporting role. Howard was appropriately gruff and mean and it has been years since I’ve seen him in a role (remember "The White Shadow" on television). Mimi Rogers, another actor I’ve not seen in a very long time was good in a minor roles as Sweetling’s mother Lois. Jennifer Lewis as Doris Jenkins, Callahan’s assistant was great and stole the scenes she was in. Jeremy Garelick and Jay Lavender wrote this funny and strong script which Garelick did a great job of making it all work.

Overall:  A very entertaining film and one that you can escape and trust.