The One I Love

First Hit:  Interesting concept but I’m not sure the acting raised the story to a level worth watching.

A young couple, Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) are having marital problems. The trouble began with a lack of communication,  physical connection and resulting in Ethan having an affair.

Sophie is having difficulty in forgiving her husband and they decide to see a therapist (Ted Danson). After a number of sessions he suggests a weekend trip to a home he uses to assist couples in healing. They arrive and soon discover there are a couple of abnormalities in this retreat home. The story then revolves on how the couple deals with the abnormality and their real dreams of a relationship.

The unfortunate part of this film was in the acting. The actors just didn’t seem strong enough to hold this, possibly interesting, story together.

Duplass is weak as the husband that realizes he’s made a mistake and wants his wife back. His reaction to the abnormity just seemed weak and lifeless – it lacked passion. Moss was better in her role and made the story more interesting. Danson was fine in this limited role. Justin Lader wrote an interesting story and script but it was either Charlie McDowell’s weak direction or the weak acting by the cast that dragged this film down.

Overall:  I loved the idea in the storyline, it just wasn’t executed well.